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Jenny Sandbo

While I experiment in many subjects and media, I have come to favor one particular technique; landscapes produced with pastel and acrylic in the impressionist style. I especially enjoy the process of creating the glowing colors of the morning and evening skies, examining moving weather systems and how dramatically light changes the mood of our landscape.

Most of my landscapes are local scenes, forest and fields near my home, still-shots of my parent's farm, and "flash" impressions of things seen while driving – a curve in the street, a row of trees, or the flickering shadows of telephone poles on pavement.

As a working artist, I have participated in many venues, including the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Pleasant Ridge Rexville Gallery, Bellevue Arts Museum Fair and the Museum of Northwest Art Fundraising Auction. Recently, one of my paintings was included in a catalog of contemporary art titled “American Art Collector”, published by Alcove Books.

I share a house and studio in Western Washington with my supportive husband and our two active, creative children. I have been enjoyably employed at a local specialty food store for over 14 years, currently working as merchandising manager.

Reflection of Poles
Jenny Sandbo

14" x 14"
U.S. $329
Pastel & Acrylic on Board

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