A W.I.S.H.



Green Building Program

Established in 2005, the A W.I.S.H. Green Building Program (GBP) catalyzes and supports the adoption of green building practices in developing economies worldwide and in low- and moderate income communities in the US. The program’s primary aims are to:

  • Promote green building technology transfer and best practices throughout the international A W.I.S.H. network;
  • Catalyze green building initiatives worldwide by engaging and providing resources to key local leaders and stakeholders;
  • Establish strategic alliances with leading green building organizations worldwide in order to strengthen the scope and impact of A W.I.S.H.

U.S. Green Building Council logo.Services include vision development, project management, cross-sector integration, strategic direction, green building demonstration projects, and technical assistance to a wide array of partners. Key strategic alliances to date include the World Green Building Council and the Mexico Green Building Council. A W.I.S.H. is a member of the US Green Building Council.