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People For Salmon Project

 Community Based Salmon Recovery

Past Project of A W.I.S.H.

People for Salmon (PFS) is the first statewide program bringing volunteers together to restore salmon. Through this program, the public, businesses, tribes, community organizations, fisheries enhancement groups and others will be able to join forces and collaborate on restoration projects.

The newly-created Salmon Recovery Funding (SRF) Board awarded People for Salmon $400,000 funding to continue the program initiated by the 1998 Washington State Legislature appropriation of $1 million to the Washington Conservation Commission grant to A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity (A W.I.S.H.).

People for Salmon works with local salmon restoration groups from across the state providing necessary tools to measure the results of past and present restoration projects and continuing to develop the statewide infrastructure to organize volunteers around successful restoration projects.

People for Salmon is the model of how a diverse array of partners can come together to actively and broadly involve the public, business, industry, landowners, tribes, non-profits, and others in volunteer salmon restoration efforts in communities throughout Washington State.

The project partners include the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission; Pierce County Conservation District; Associated General Contractor's Education Foundation; National Resources Conservation Service; Northwest Chinook Recovery, Inc.; YMCA Earth Service Corps; and eleven legislatively authorized (RCW 75.50) Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups in the state. The South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group is pleased to be actively involved in the statewide, community-based effort to restore salmon habitat.

photo by Tamra Madenwald

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